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Diddy Following Gina Huynh’s Instagram Again After She Previously Blocked Him


For the past few decades Shan coms has been widely recognized in the world of entertainment for his various achievements and vast network besides his creative Pursuits the Get Him to the Greek actor is also a huge family man even making a point to celebrate his late co-parent Kim Porter

On what would have been her birthday earlier this month seeing as there are numerous unflattering lawsuits against him it’s surprising to see Diddy resurfacing on social media interestingly his shout out to his children ‘s mother isn’t the only Instagram activity blogs are taking note of a report from the Jasmine brand

Reveals that while on the app The i’llbe Missing You artist appears to have been creeping on one of his ex’s Gina hnn the bad boy Mogul is markedly following her on IG again after she reportedly previously blocked him in May the model was cutting Diddy off from her life

Though that’s obviously no longer true is Diddy spinning the block with Gina huan this time last year she and young Miami were in a nasty cat fight over Combs after Hinn taunted the city girl with a loved up photo of them on her story Gina you’ve been down bad ever

Since I came into the picture H asteros ski the kha please host disc Diddy X on Twitter in December 2022 you’ve been crying for a baby for 10 years H asteris you’ve been around as AB asterisk TCH that eat P asterisk ssy and D asterisk CK when you feel like a

Youa eater you the same be asteris TCH that was crying on Tasha cuz you wanted a baby poor sushi at this time Gina hnn hasn’t returned Diddy’s social media follow and were curious to see if she ever will amid Cassie’s harrowing allegations against the music mogul a throwback video of the socialite

Detailing abuse she allegedly endured at the hands of her ex surfaced online revisit that footage at the link below and check back later for more hip hop slop culture news updates

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