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Travis Scott Postpones Chicago Show Hours Before Showtime, Blames Travel Delays


Travis Scott was scheduled to bring his circus Maximus tour to Chicago last night December 15th but his show didn’t go on as planned countless fans were left disappointed when the Houston native announced that the show had been postponed to make matters worse the announcement was made only a few hours

Before the show was expected to begin eager concertgoers were already lined up outside the venue when the news broke Travis Scott shared a tweet recently revealing that the show was postponed due to Trav delays I literally spent 24 hours on AF asterisk King Runway he wrote CR

Asterisk zest sh asterisk tea ever to my people in Chicago I was so ready to go crazy Chicago always been one of my favorite places Togo ham and been waiting for it the whole toward I will be back the first couple days of January luckily fans who purchased

Tickets for last night’s show will have their tickets honored at his next Chicago stop he’s currently scheduled to take on the windy city on January 22nd during the second leg of his circus Maximus tour Travis Scott promises rescheduled Chicago shows this isn’t the first time Chicago hipop heads have been

Left disappointed this month Travis Scott’s postponement follows Nicki Minaj’s recent Jingle Ball cancellation which was similarly announced only a day prior to the show hope it doesn’t make you sad she told fans on Twitter earlier this month I won’t be able to perform tmrw in # Chicago for Jingle Ball she

Went on to announce that Lil Wayne would be performing in her place I was so excited to see you guys please accept my sincerest apologies I’ll make it up to you on the Chicago stops of my tour early next year details to come she added Nikki since announced her tour in

Support of Pink Friday 2 which is scheduled to stop at Chicago’s United Center in April share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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