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DJ Akademiks Slams 6ix9ine’s Ex For Claiming He Slept With The Rapper


699 i x Jade broke the internet on Sunday December 17th when she claimed that he and DJ academics have been F asterisk asterisk asterisk in for a very long time of course social media reacted to this quite wildly especially considering that both personalities get their fair share of sometimes do

Sometimes undo hate online on top of that folks couldn’t wait to see how either would respond to this although we could have definitely guessed what they’d say to prove that the streamer and commentator recently hopped on his live stream to respond to Jade’s claims throughout he let out some very

Disparaging remarks against her own alleged sex life so first and foremost if you’re looking for the obvious me and 69 has never ever been anything but friends like any other two dudes DJ academics began we’re not gay I’m not gay like it actually bothers me these

Are the things that bother me the most the way to get under AK skin is mention some gay ass asterisk asterisk tea and put it on his name or get a gay and asterisk asterisk asterisk gay to go at a k we done seen the SAU s asterisk

Asteris T DJ academics response to 69 rumors watch listen I gave y’all the chance to come tell me why DJ academics continued whatever y’all got going on y’all should leave Big A of it the N asterisk asterisk asteris moved on and left your a asterisk asterisk in the

Dust you was a hired Prost asteris toot you was an escort okay don’t think too much about it the bag’s getting low now don’t be mad at me this is what all y’all girls do y’all Girls is really like an Airbnb that’s what y’all P asterisk asterisk asterisk Y is you get

A rich and asterisk asterisk asterisk a and and hopefully he can just move in and just permanently F asteris asteris K you all day long and give you gifts obviously I’m telling you this is fate this is a woman who clearly must either be trying to do one of two things she’s

Been recently accused after cardi be viciously beat her a asterisk asterisk and beat her sisters a asterisk asterisk in the club and they got banned from all New York clubs he concluded that’s a fact cardi B got sued that’s a fact did she say this to spite me because I

Mentioned that now with all of that being said you was my man’s girl so I let it fly I don’t care all these be asterisk asterisk asterisk keys in the game right here they’re Prost asterisk tootes all of them okay now most of them actually all of them pretty much just highclass

Esorts they all got a price I know 69ine got to feel step asterisk B she was a perennial side chick offset had her a boogie was F asterisk asterisk asterisk I and G her every n asterisk asterisk asterisk done piped the shotty out I’m glad we talking cuz I love to talk for

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