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Drake On Crutches After Rolling His Ankle On Vacation


Drake has had a pretty eventful week while he’s supposed to be on vacation in Turks and Kus it got started when he found himself caught up in a bunch of dating rumors they cropped up following a jet ski ride with a certain pop singer that singer

Was Camila Cabo who has been subject to numerous bats of dating rumors this year even more recently than her crossing paths with Drake she was in the studio with Playboy cardi that sparked even more rumors about their potential involvement Drake also took to Instagram to show off

What else he was up to while on vacation in one photo dump he dished out some pictures and videos of himself and some friends hitting the basketball and tennis courts in a seemingly related twist he showed up to a stream a few days later on crutches after claiming he

Rolled his ankle during his most recent kick stream Drake revealed he was going to be sitting down the entire time with his recent injury check out the clip of Drizzy revealing his vacation hasn’t hasn’t been As relaxing as you’d expect below Drake rolled his ankle while on vacation Drake recently made an

Appearance on Nicki Minaj’s new album Pink Friday 2 he and Nikki teamed up once again for the song needle which just made its debut in the top 50 of the Hot 100 during an interview following the release of the album Nikki revealed that the song was originally meant for

Drizzy’s new album for all the dogs from earlier this year Drake is taking this particular vacation after months of touring and dropping new music even after releasing his highly anticipated new album for all the dogs he wasn’t done yet he shared an extended version of the album with a full ep of new

Material called scary hours 3 he’s also been touring alongside 21 Savage for the entire second half of the year on the it’s all a blur tour the tour will pick back up next year with Jay Cole for even more dates what do you think of Drake rolling his ankle and meeting crutches

While on vacation and Turks and Kus let us know in the comment section below

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