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DJ Khaled Shows Off His Kids Enjoying Their Christmas Go Karts


Christmas was earlier this week and plenty of rappers and celebrities have taken the opportunity to show love to their families boozy badass took to Instagram to reveal that he gave away seven Rolex watches and nearly $50,000 to various family members but for celebs with young children they just can’t wait

To share the enjoyment their kids are getting from their Christmas gifts DJ Ked is unsurprisingly among them the producer is notoriously fond of his two children frequently Shout in them out in his music that’s why fans were expecting some content from colid surrounding Christmas with his family and he

Delivered he shared a video to Instagram of his two children playing with go-karts they got his presents in the clip they’re driving around in the rappers driveway though their handle on how to actually operate the go-kart seems a bit shaky call it himself narrates the video hilarious cheering

Both of his children on DJ colled gifts his kids go carts in the comment comments fans praise khed as a consistently strong example of fatherhood love him or hate him he’s a w parent one of the top comments on the post reads most of the other comments are debating ked’s faith and

Nationality despite being Palestinian he’s been very quiet about the ongoing conflict in the region with Israel he’s also proclaimed to be a Muslim in the past which has many wondering why he’s celebrating Christmas this isn’t even the first time this month that khed has celebrated his children Dido made the rounds last week

Of him being an ecstatic father the moment captured Assad winning a student of the month award at school which khed was absolutely giddy over khed famously named his 2019 album after his song appropriately titling it father of Assad what do you think of the adorable new video of DJ ced’s children playing with

Their Christmas gift go-karts let us know in the comment section below

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