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Freddie Gibbs Says Cancel Culture Has Double Standard When It Comes To Black Men


Freddy Gibbs the outspoken MC didn’t mince words as he used the platform of Twitter SLX during the Christmas Day NBA game at Madison Square Garden to shed light on what he perceives as a double standard in cancel culture particularly when it comes to black men at 41 Gibbs took a moment to

Deliver a pointed message emphasizing the contrasting treatment between individuals of his race and those from other walks of life we got to cancel all our engas but Woody Allen f asteris his daughter and just be chilling at the Knicks games Gibbs boldly declared in a tweet the Tweet echoed the sentiment

Shared by many who feel that cancel culture disproportionately impacts black individuals the reference to Woody Allen the controversial Hollywood director involved in a highly publicized scandal with his adoptive step-daughter Sunni prevan served as a stark example of the perceived inconsistency in cancel culture Freddy Gibbs shares a piece of

His mind moreover social media shared their opinion s so do you want black men to get away with the same crimes white men do that’s what it seems like you’re insinuating one person commented Woody Allen happens to be one of the most canceled celebrities who is not going to

Prison actually another person said he does know Woody Allen is canceled as hell right one more person said Gibbs unfiltered post resonates with the frustration felt by many who observe a disparity in the consequences faced by public figures from different backgrounds by calling attention to Woody Allen’s continued Presence at Nick’s games

Despite the serious allegations against him Gibbs challenges the norms and expectations that seem to govern the cancel culture landscape the Tweet serves as a powerful commentary on the complexities and inequities within cancel culture in highlighting the contrast between the treatment of black individuals and others Gibb Sparks a

Conversation about the need for a more Equitable and consistent approach in holding individuals accountable for their actions regardless of their race or status in essence Gibb’s Christmas Day message is not just a critique of cancel culture but a call for a more just and unbiased system of accountability one that applies the same

Standards to everyone irrespective of their racial or societal standing thoughts let us

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