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Dr Umar Doubles Down On Eminem Comments


Dr Umar once again let the internet on fire with his belief that Eminem should never enter the best rapper of all time conversation according to him doing so would constitute as white supremacy as it’s impossible for a non-black person to excel the most at a black art form

Tradition practice Etc it was quite the topic of conversation online albe it an old one and there’s not much wrong with that the psychologist and social media provocator originally said after all it’s just a take and one that he recently clarified during a new social media video in it the north Philly

Native explained how this is nothing personal against martial matters but rather a matter of cultural preservation and adherence I said that no non-african can ever be the best of anything in African culture Umar Johnson’s IG live clip began you can’t be the best cook of African food you can’t be the best

Rapper of African hip hop you can’t be the best singer you can’t be the best priest of African culture nothing we create can a non-african be the best at first of all it makes absolutely no sense at all Dr Umar revisits his &m take watch I don’t even see how an

African can come to the conclusion that a non-african can be the best at anything when we are the oldest people Dr Umar went on we are the first people and we are the most numerous people so when you say a non-african is better at

X why and Z than a member of the race you’re saying that this person can do this better than 2 billion Africans or you’re saying not only can they do it better than 2 billion Africans on the planet you’re saying they can do it better than all of the

Billions of Africans that have ever walked the planet Earth you know and I know that that is absolutely ridiculous you know like I know that that is absolutely ridiculous this is not about Mr Marshall matters I don’t have nothing personal against that man he concluded but for from a cultural Integrity perspective

Haven’t they stolen enough from us haven’t they appropriated enough from us haven’t they robbed stolen killed enslaved lynched miseducated Mass incarcerated politically dominated SNF you mean to tell me that after 404 years you got black people running around playing defense attorney and cheerleader for white folks the fact that you got

Black people arguing for a white man to be considered the greatest of all time in an African art form speaks to how Psych logically ill we are as a race of people for more news and updates on Eminem and Umar John

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