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Drake Appears To Take Shots At Metro Boomin


Although Drake and Metro boomman have undoubtedly made a few hits together they’re not necessarily in good standing with each other now there have been rumors of a feud between the two for over a year first starting with the release date of heroes and villains being pushed back some fans believed it

Was due to Drake and 21 Savages her loss which Metro denied however when he revealed that he removed Drake’s verse from trance alongside young fug and Travis Scott some felt as though he harbored resent towards the Canadian rapper we can’t confirm nor deny whether there were any issues between them at that

Point however Metro boom’s recent tweet and Elite regarding her loss Reign at awards shows caught plenty of attention online yet her loss still keeps winning rap album of the year over hnv proof that award shows are just politics and not for me Metro tweeted IDC about Awards honestly the true award and

Reward is knowing that the music I spend so much time on brings joy to people’s everyday lives Metro later deleted the tweet in response Drake shared a screenshot of lyrics from jz’s Heart of the City Drake fires back although the feud between the two seemed to have died

Down fans believe that Drake may have poked at Metro Boomin during his recent kick stream while the rapper was on his Drake X Stak Vibes he toasted his fans tuning in while taking a slight jab at the producer to the rest of you the non Believers The Underachievers the tweeta

Leaders you guys make me sick to my stomachs fam he said as he held his drink and looked into the camera honestly look in my eyes he added as he got closer to the camera you want to do something that’s what I thought he never mentioned Metro by name but it didn’t

Take long for fans to try and piece thing together considering Metro’s post regarding Drake and 21 Savages her loss was taken down short shortly after it began gaining traction it wouldn’t be far off to think that the Canadian rapper was throwing shots in his Direction check out the post below

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