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Kanye West Viral Rant Ends With Hilarious Song Request


Kanye West has been a leader in the music industry for a long time even with the many career ups and downs we’ve seen the 46-year-old navigate through in recent years it’s been challenges with mental health and his divorce from Kim Kardashian that have caused notable strain on y but still he continues to

Create and pour his energy into making dreams come true after keeping up on our toes with a tumultuous da roll out the Atlanta born artist is gearing up to drop off vultures in tandem with tid doala sign the artists and their teams planned for a raid to take place in

Florida earlier this month where fans could turn up to their unreleased LP things ultimately didn’t go over as planned but what else can one expect from West’s creative Endeavors while putting the finishing touches on vultures this fall the Yeezy founder was on camera sharing yet another controversial rant this one aiming at

Other figures in the industry and religious groups has West in some hot water again Kanye West is his own biggest fan after getting everything off his chest West made sure to keep the party going by requesting a special song all right letun get back to the music

The 46-year-old says in the clip above play off the grid he quickly adds before the rumor reps in cheers and laughter as the new release date for vultures nears closer Kanye West continues to make his presence felt with song teasers and controversial thoughts he and kid Cy recently squashed their beef after

Tensions Rose to new heights between them in 2022 unfortunately Michael Rapaport has no interest in apologizing to ye for his hateful comments over the weekend which come as the father of four returns to disrespecting the Jewish Community read what the atypical actor had to say in a recent video at the link

Below and check back later for more hip hop poop culture news update

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