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DRAM Teams Up With EVEN Platform To Drop Off A Four Track EP BLACK SANTA


There have been some interesting Trends in hip-hop this year AI technology has been a controversial tool in many music fans eyes it was turning a lot of heads a few months ago when a Drake and the weekend song was going viral online so much so that it even was up for Grammy

Consideration this new movement might be a little more favorable though and dram is taking part in it born in Germany and raised in Virginia the 35-year-old diversely talented artist has just teamed up with a rising music platform even as a website and Company based in California that looks to bring fans and

Musicians closer than ever before it was founded last year and it is still in its beta stage big crit allowed exclusive access to a short project on the site about a week ago Listen to Black Santa by drum uneven drum is now the newest artist to work with the platform for a

Christmas theme DP Black Santa you can purchase Early Access to the tape here drum hopped on IG to let his followers and fans know where to find it according to him it will hit regular dsps at some point all of the tracks on the EP were written and produced by the rapper there

Are some other perks available for those who purchased the project random customers could receive a surprise gift Early Access to exclusive content and messages from drum’s Community chat what are your initial thoughts on drum being the next rapper to partner with for a new project are you going to purchase

The $5 Early Access for the Black Santa EP do you think even is going to be the future for artists to give their fans Early Access and exclusive content why or why not are holiday themed projects something you enjoy we would like to hear what you have to say about all of

This with that in mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section below

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