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Anthony Edwards Accused By Instagram Model Of Getting Her Pregnant


Anthony Edwards is facing a whole lot of drama coming his way after some Hefty allegations emerged online moreover Instagram model page Jordy recently posted alleged text message exchanges with him in which she claims he got her pregnant now the 22-year-old has much bigger fish to fry than his clapbacks

With Adidas and Kevin Durant in it she sends him a picture of a positive pregnancy test and they fight over whether or not she should get an abortion the basketball player was on board and told her to do so but she mentioned that she got an abortion 2

Years prior that she regrets every day I’ve never once ran to the internet about no1 Paige wrote on her IG story on Sunday December 17th about Anthony Edwards the Minnesota Timberwolf star I tried over and over to handle this privately and my efforts were ignored I’d be lied to and manipulated by

Someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and takes no accountability for anything y’all always want someone to blame and I guess it’s going to be me Paige jordy’s claims furthermore Paige also included a wire transfer she got of100 and showed in their text message exchanges that she sent him a video

Taking the abortion pills also she and Anthony Edwards fought over his lack of response when it comes to their legal agreement apparently his attorney wasn’t responding to Pa’s messages and she was surprised urised that the chair throwing player got legal representation in the first place in addition some fans specul

That she revealed all this now because Edward’s current girlfriend Janine Robble announced her pregnancy a couple of days ago Anthony Edwards girlfriend announces pregnancy meanwhile the Adidas partner has yet to respond to any of these claims which will definitely be an interesting development if it rolls

Around not only that but the question of whether he will face any issues in the league as a result of this is still a mystery however unlikely it may be surely the near future will hold more on this matter

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