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Ed Sheeran’s Kids’ Names, Ages And What He’s Said About His Family


Ed Sheeran’s kids names ages and what he said about his family Ed Sheeran has two kids with wife Cherry but how old are they and what are their names Ed Sheeran and wife Cherry Seaborn have two children together two daughters the youngest of who was born last year the

Childhood sweethearts got married in 2018 one year after he proposed they’re now the proud parents to two little girls who they understandably keep out of the spotlight Ed’s upcoming fifth studio album is set to be his most emotional yet after writing new music as he faced a series of

Hardships in 2022 including the death of best friend Jamal Edwards and wife Cherry being diagnosed with a tumor fans are expecting to hear more about his relationship with cherry on the emotional tracklist something he also touches on in his Disney plus documentary the sum of it

All which was filmed as Ed worked on his next album but how many children do Ed and Cherry have and what are their names what are Ed Sheeran’s kids called Ed and Sherry have two daughters together their names are Lyra Antarctica and Jupiter the pop star opened up about the

Inspiration for daughter Lyra’s name in July 2021 telling itv’s Lorraine they picked Antarctica for her middle name as the continent was on his and wife Jerry’s bucket list of travel destinations and they went the year before Lyra was born he explained they wanted unique names for their children

As his wife Cherry’s name is unique itself I realize some people think it’s a strange and weird but my wife is called cherry and I think she’s the only Cherry I’ve ever met and I think we wanted to give her a name that was unique he said

They reportedly opted for Lyra after the main character in book His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman how old are Ed Sheeran’s kids Ed’s daughter Lyra is two years old while Jupiter is nine months Lyra was born in August 2020 and Jupiter was born in May 2022 who is Ed Sheeran’s wife Cherry

Cherry is a senior consultant in Risk advisory and accounting firm Deloitte and touche according to mail online she has a degree in molecular biology from Duke University in Durham North Carolina the couple met at their Secondary School in Suffolk but didn’t get together until 2015. they secretly married before Christmas

In 2018 a year after he popped the question

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