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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine brutally beaten inside Florida gym


6-9 brutally beaten during attack at gym 6-9 was brutally beaten during an attack at a gym the controversial rapper was inside a sauna at an LA Fitness in South Florida on Tuesday when he was jumped by a group of men his attorney tells TMZ video footage shows part of the attack

As six nine lays on the floor while a man kicks him and pulls him by the hair the person filming appears to insult him calling him [ __ ] ass and clown ass six nine recoils while seemingly egging on his attackers telling them go ahead a bloodied 6-9 gets up off the floor and

Leaves the gym while the man filming tells him he’s a fan after hearing the commotion employees at the gym notified a manager who called 9-1-1 6-9 was transported to a hospital by ambulance for injuries to his jaw ribs and back his attorney Lance Lazaro says 6-9 tried to defend himself from his

Attackers but there were too many of them 6-9 did not have security with him at the time of the Ambush but Lazaro plans to call the feds to make sure 6-9 receives protection it’s unclear if the attack was connected to takashi’s cooperation with the government the rapper was released from prison

After he testified against his fellow nine Trey gang members following the altercation boozy badass who has been an outspoken critic of 6-9 shared his support for takashi’s attackers LMAO snitches get stitches he tweeted let’s start a gofund for this guy rainbow-haired rapper Takashi 69 was brutally beaten by a group of men inside

The bathroom of a Florida gym Tuesday according to footage of the attack posted online by only indade the 26 year old musician and ex-con was rushed to the hospital after he was purportedly attacked inside the restroom of an LA Fitness in Southern Florida a video posted to Twitter shows two men

Towering over six nine as he lies on the bathroom floor trying to protect his head from the blows the men yell at him to shut the F K up as one kicks his stomach and the other punches his head according to the footage the Gooba rapper whose legal name is

Daniel Hernandez walks out of the restroom with a bloodied face after the cameraman tells him he’s a fan 699 iyanese attorney told TMZ that the Brooklyn native was inside the sauna when he was randomly jumped by several men he did not have security with him at

The time police and EMS were called and the rapper was taken to a hospital in an ambulance a photo obtained by the outlet shows the rapper’s face red and bloodied he also suffered injuries to his jaw ribs and back according to the site the attack is the second time

Six nine made headlines in less than a week page six reported that he was thrown out of a Miami baseball stadium Friday after causing a drunken Ruckus and disturbing other fans the rapper has a notorious history he was sentenced to two years in prison in 2019 for his role in the nine Trey

Gangster Bloods gang he was facing decades in prison on racketeering and other charges but took a plea deal that lowered his time in exchange for helping the feds take down his former Bloods Associates the assistant U.S attorney said at the time that six nine will forever have to look over his shoulder

It’s unclear if Tuesday’s attack had anything to do with the rapper’s cooperation with the feds but his lawyer told TMZ that he plans to call the feds to ensure he gets proper protection

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