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Thank you Ex drug lord sues 50 Cent for three hundred thousand dollars after vicious intimidation campaign rapper 50 Cent has been accused of orchestrating a campaign of intimidation against ex-drug Lord Corey Holland according to all hip-hop the lawsuit was filed on April 2021 the lawsuit alleges that Lionsgate entertainment allowed 50 Cent to conduct

A vicious intimidation campaign against Holland Bex drug lord lawsuit for three hundred thousand dollars after his vicious intimidation the rapper whose real name is Curtis Jackson is a multi-millionaire and a household name in the United States he has sold more than 9 million albums and is known for his muscled physique

Tattoos and exaggerated style of wrapping he became famous after releasing his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin in 2003 and he went on to earn a spot as one of America’s biggest musical Stars but he’s also the subject of a vicious Feud with rapper Ja Rule which began in

The early 2000s and still continues to this day a new document from the FBI reveals that a cracked Kingpin and employees of Ja Rule’s rap label murdering plotted to kill 50 as revenge for a song detailing Kenneth mcgriff’s criminal past Federal investigators say its disclosure was part of a government

Affidavit that has now been made public by law enforcement officials in Queens New York according to the affidavit McGriff was kept in touch with his murderous plan through text messages with murdering employees he and his crew were also keeping tabs on 50 cents whereabouts by paged conversations

On what grounds the affidavit which was provided to USA Today by an attorney for McGriff is dated January 2004 and filed under an application for a search of murdering’s Manhattan offices it details mcgriff’s ties to a criminal organization his relationships with other gang members and the plans to

Assassinate 50 Cent it also reveals that McGriff and his associates were keeping tabs on 50 cents whereabouts through paged conversations with murdering’s employees it is unclear how long McGriff had been in prison when he was involved in the alleged plot to assassinate 50. in addition to being a violent criminal

McGriff was also involved in the illegal sale of credit cards and money laundering activity through his company crime partners he pleaded guilty in August 2006 to charges related to the laundering of proceeds from criminal activities does he have a foundation but despite his troubled history McGriff has found

Success in the music industry thanks to the support of Eminem and Dre he released his first single how to rob in 1999 and has since become a major star he’s also been featured on many of the most popular hip-hop songs and has a number of hit records including a

Collaboration with Eminem and Jay-Z called piggy bank while his personal appearance and lyrics have earned him Millions it’s his grit that has put him on top of the charts he has a reputation for being a tough sexy guy who can outspeak and out-wrap anyone so it’s no surprise that he has

Managed to stay relevant in the current music landscape he has a fan base that’s largely devoted to his Brash personality and his sexy physique which makes him one of the most popular men in the game thank you

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