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Jonathan Majors Sends Bold Message While Leaving Court After Allegedly Assaulting His Girlfriend


Thank you Jonathan Majors sends bold message while leaving Court after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend the Marvel star recently made headlines for assaulting a woman the actor was arrested on Saturday morning in New York City on charges of harassment strangulation and assault as per the reports Majors was arrested after the NYC police received a call

From a woman who informed them about the assault the alleged victim claims to be the actor’s girlfriend what led to Jonathan Major’s detention the NYC police arrested Jonathan Majors on Saturday morning as they were alerted to a 9-1-1 call the actor was arrested for being involved in a domestic dispute

The authorities claimed that Majors was apparently involved in strangling a 30-year-old woman the woman was assaulted and suffered minor injuries on her neck and head she was taken to an area Hospital in stable condition as per the sources the woman who is the complainant is Major’s girlfriend she informed the police that while

Returning home in a taxi from a bar the couple got into an argument the police were told that Jonathan Major’s girlfriend noticed him texting another woman and when she decided to confront him and check his phone the Ant-Man 3 actor got curious the incident led to an argument and

Later on things got so heated up that major slapped her and tried to strangle her a spokesperson for the NYPD said in a statement the victim informed police she was assaulted officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident the victim sustained minor injuries to

Her head and neck and was removed to an area Hospital in stable condition all this evidence was enough for the police to arrest majors Jonathan Majors denies the allegations Majors is no longer in police custody he was seen departing the New York City court with a baseball hat that read freedom freedom

Majors representative has denied all the allegations against him and claimed he has done nothing wrong we look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up Majors is one of the renowned stars in Hollywood and this incident may affect his reputation in the industry Major’s latest movie was Ant-Man and the

Wasp quantumania and Creed III fans might see him in the next season of Loki

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  1. @1mikesofocused42 says

    I call bullshit thats another interview of trying to ruin his career after saying he wants out of the relationship this mee too movement shit gotta stop.

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