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Ex Girlfriend Alleges Disturbing Details of Meek Mill’s Treatment Towards Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s relationship intersects with all kinds of fascinating hip-hop moments the pair dated from 2015 to 2017 and it crossed over with numerous important points in both artists careers most notably the beef between Meek and Drake put everyone in a fascinatingly delicate place for quite a

While following their breakup Nikki made a light-hearted joke about her time with meek and her song Barbie dreams from her album Queen but now some Revelations are being made about their relationship that are far less amusing those details are coming courtesy of an ex-friend of Meeks who claims to have been around the

Couple during their relationship the friend has taken to Instagram Liv recently to tell a series of unsettling stories about the way Nikki was treated in the relationship included in the allegations are references to Meek spitting on her and once kicking her out of the house and leaving her by

Herself he also claims that Meek was deeply insecure throughout their relationship ship Meek Mill’s alleged abuses last year Meek Mill teamed up with Rick Ross for a collaborative album called too good to be true the pair also recruited vori fabulous the dream DJ khed French Montana whale future French

Montana and more the album was met with mixed reviews from critics and some fans tried to go after Meek and Ross for the Project’s modest commercial performance both clapped back about how much more important it is that they own their music and creative process rather than generating the most sales

Possible last week Meek Mill made a statement that surprised fans who have been following his various feuds for years now he claimed that he was too rich for beef and had no reason to get upset at anybody anymore what do you think of the allegations Meek Mill is

Facing for his alleged abuses of Nicki Minaj do you believe what Meek’s ex-friend is saying about him let us know in the comments section below

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