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Playboi Carti’s 2022 High Speed Arrest Footage Emerges, Fans React


While Playboy cardi doesn’t have anywhere near the level of legal troubles as some rappers out there he still had his issues one of which was a 2022 arrest after being pulled over for speeding but he wasn’t just driving a few over the speed limit according to

The officer who pulled him over he was going 133 mph down a stretch of road with a 55 mph speed limit the extremely fast speed probably has something to do with why the incident resulted in his arrest now nearly 2 years later body cam video of the incident has surfaced online in

The video cardi attempts to justify his driving but the officer who pulled him over isn’t having it surprisingly fans in the comments seem to understand just how dangerous card’s Behavior was LMAO can’t even be mad at the cop and asterisk G was getting it one of the top

Comments on the post reads others came through with jokes about the whole situation should have used the baby voice he would have walked one fan jokes in reference to card’s notorious high-pitched rapping check out the full video and variety of fan reactions below Playboy cardi arrest video recently

Playboy cardi has been dropping a string of new songs on YouTube that has fans hyped for a potential new era one of those elements is supposed to be a tour but it’s been repeatedly delayed the most recent delay came just this week and while there wasn’t an official explanation provided fans think they

Know what’s up hamix side gang are supposed to be included on the tour alongside Ken Carson destroy lonely and cardi himself but they’re currently wrapped up in a lawsuit with Live Nation spawning from an onstage incident last year that would make touring difficult Playboy cardi hasn’t confirmed when he

Is planning on releasing a new album but fans are loving the new singles his last record came out more than 3 years ago on Christmas Day 2020 what do you think of the newly Unearthed video of Playboy cardi being arrested do you think the police were

Right to arrest him for driving so fast let us know in the comment section below

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