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Fat Joe Doesn’t Want His Kids To Be Rappers


Fat Joe says he’s warned his children against pursuing a career in hip-hop he explained why he wants them to look elsewhere for their Futures during an appearance at the United Masters ex earn your leisure panel at Art bosel in Miami last week I tell my daughter all the

Time she ain’t with it and she ain’t listening to me but I tell her all the time Joe revealed she be like what you want me to be dad and I be like an accountant and she’s like why I say I don’t want us to get robbed no more I

Don’t want you to get robbed because if I die I’m leaving her some sh asterisk T Fat Joe gives out food on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving food drive hosted by Fat Joe New York New York November 21st Fat Joe attends his Thanksgiving food drive at upnyc on November 21st 2023 in New York City

Photo by Johnny nun as/ wire image later Joe brought up his son who has already voiced a desire to focus on his rap career you know my son he’s trying to be a rapper he’s I Joe joked I said listen if any of your uncles tells you that

You’re going to be a big rapper when I die and takes your money to make an album they’re full of keep the money buy a business do something do not take the money I leave you to be a rapper that’s not for you check out his comments on the matter below as caught

By hip hop DX Fat Joe warns his kids against rapping Fat Joe urges his son to pursue any career other than rap especially after he’s gone while he doesn’t want his son to pursue a career in rap Joe has been awfully supportive of his children over the years in honor of

World autism day last April Joe rocked an all blue outfit and wrote on Instagram Joey is my heart my king my everything our kids are our biggest blessings today our autism blue in honor of our kids and all the families around the world dealing with special needs family

Members God makes no mistakes I pray every day for everyone and I hope you keep us in your prayers be on the lookout for further updates on fat

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