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French Montana Reveals Shocking Amount He Spent On Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 Low Collab


French Montana is most certainly an artist with a whole lot of money overall you don’t get to his level in the game without acquiring some serious bread he is someone who has dropped a ton of hits and he has some massive mixtapes as well he is gearing up for a new release and

As you can imagine his fans are excited however before that he is having a bit of fun for instance the rapper was at the Brooklyn Nets game last night the team got blown out at home to the Milwaukee Bucks however it was a fun night regardless during the game French

Decided to take to social media and flex his outfit in the video below you can see that the rapper was showing off his sneakers the pair in question was the lisis Von X Nike Air Force One Low collaboration of course this is a shoe that contains the iconic LV pattern all

Over an equally iconic shoe however as French reveals he spent a lot of money to get them more specifically he spent a whopping $200,000 which is truly absurd for some that is more than the value of their entire home French Montana speaks overall anything that has to do

With lisis vitton is going to cost a lot of money at this point that is just par for the course however $200,000 for some shoes is still a whole lot of money that said considering how rare these are and how valuable are on the resale Market this

Kind of makes sense whether or not French has any buyer remorse is unknown at this point however the fact remains that if you want these shoes you may just have to take out a business loan let us know your thoughts on these shoes in the comments section below additionally stay tuned

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