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Future Flexes 6 Chains Sporting His Label Freebandz Logo


Rappers and their chains go way back and it’s often been quite competitive to see who can get the flashiest jewelry future himself is no stranger to extravagant chains but he might have one uped himself recently the Atlanta rapper took to his Instagram story to show off six

New chains he had made sporting to labels logo like with much of what he posts online fans mostly responded with jokes he too old to be buying chains one of the top comments on a repost of the video jokes most of the other jokes are about one of

The labels Sines real Boston Richie Boston was called out earlier this year by Rody Rich who made claims that future had cut him off from the label no Boston Richie don’t got one and he trying to get new FBG chains cuz Boston Richie snitch a asteris guest Still rocking the

Old one two other top comments read Futures new free bands chains Metro boomman has been teasing an upcoming collaborative album with future all year in in fact he’s posted so many teasers for fans so many times that it’s become a running joke Metro himself even weighed in on the joke himself seeming

To take it in good faith Metro has been pretty busy this year so fans likely wouldn’t be as frustrated by the album’s lack of a release date without the constant teases part of the delay might have to do with Metro losing some of the Beats he was working on for the project he

Tweeted about experiencing a power outage that caused him to lose an entire session’s work of work when a fan asked him what he was working on he confirmed it was his collaborative album with future what do you think of Futures new free band chains which of the labels

Artists and Affiliates do you think will ultimately end up getting them let us know in the comment section below

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