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Goodie Mob Reflects On Hearing Tupac’s Hit Em Up Before Its Release


Goody Mob the iconic hip-hop group recently took a trip down memory lane they sat down in an interview with hip hop DX and shared stories they reminisced about a pivotal moment in their past when they were privy to two packs now legendary Dis Track hit them up before its official release during

The interview with hipop DX big jip shared insights into the atmosphere surrounding that time shedding light on the tension within the industry and their connections to both camps involveed I think that Tupac song was just so incredible because of the time and the space that we heard it in big jip

Expressed he captured the essence of a moment that resonated deeply with the hip-hop Community the context both within the industry and the relationships they held with both camps added a layer of complexity to their experience it was as jip described a very peculiar time reflecting on the

Impact of hit him up jip continued but to hear that record at the time it was the smell Mash that we thought it was when he played it it was the rawest record that we heard at that time jip’s words paint a vivid picture of the raw energy and authenticity that emanated

From two pac’s unreleased track capturing the essence of a moment that would go down in hip-hop history acknowledging the skepticism that surrounded the track for years jip asserted a lot of people for 20 years said that he was liing but now we know he wasn’t liing dot this Revelation adds

A layer of vindication to two packs of authenticity affirming that the content of hit him up was indeed a raw and unfiltered expression of the truth Goody Mob On Tupac hit him up everything about that record was true jip concluded emphasizing the realness encapsulated in two packs words the interview provides a

Unique glimpse into the behindthescenes Dynamics of the hip-hop world during a time of intense rivalry and creative fervor jip’s reflection on such moments highlights the respect and reverence these artists have for each other even in the face of Industry tension in essence the interview dives

Into the impact of two packs hit him up furthermore it also offers a poignant reminder of the power of music to encapsulate and express the complex emotions and realities of Life both within and Beyond the studio what are your thoughts on this topic let us know

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