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GloRilla Faces Backlash Over Candid Comments on Celibacy Journey


Glorilla is one of the more outspoken figures in this new wave of rap Talent the gritty Memphis Tennessee femc is one of the top flight names from there her audience has continuously grown with her ability to make pure trap bangers and provide fun features she was nominated for several

Awards last year for her singles and project anyways life’s great even with all of that success glorilla is starting to gain more and more haters some of it is due to some lackluster tracks such as chaa it is also credited to the fact that she dishes out questionable opinions about

Relationships during the latter half of 2023 she went semi viral for her comments about being toxic in your 20s some laughed it off but others tore into the 27-year-old additionally she encouraged her lady supports to never show favoritism to one man ladies don’t show favoritism among your n asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk

Because as soon as your favorite n asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk mad he gone be cursing your other n asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk guess out just for a mother asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk are saying good morning fans have had enough of glorilla now glow is back at again on Twitter she

Had a little back and forth with sexy red about her celibacy Journey it is a New Year’s resolution of hers to go without sex for 90 days she claims that the itch has gotten so bad in the first N9 days so much so that she is losing

Her sight started my 90day celibacy Lil s asterisk asterisk asterisk for New Years or WTV I’m on the ninth day and my vision blurry AF send help people have had just about enough of this though one goes it’s kind of crazy how far gone Society is another writes that’s not celibate then sis

Maybe this will change Glow’s views on dating what are your initial thoughts on these latest comments from glorilla about her celibacy Journey do you think she gives good advice about relationships and dating are situationships one of the biggest issues within this generation what are your opinions on The

Dating Market in its current state we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this with that in mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section Bel

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