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Hello guys welcome to my channel hopefully you’re very okay and uh today we’re gonna be I’m gonna be giving you the highlights on what really transpired between Manchester United and Leeds United uh Marcus um Marcus rashford and Jordan Sancho combine that to deny uh the manageless

Leads a rare old uh Ultra Food victory was Manchester United came back from two goals down to snatch a point from a thrilling Rose Clash the host looked finished when Rafael Varane turned in uh Summerville cut back into his own net to put leads to a head after Wilfred

Gunnote had given them a fast minute lead but um rashford how did the deficit when he headed home downloads inviting cross before Sancho only just back from the first team duties after recovering from physical and mental issues Squad his first Premier League goal since September when he drove home from

20 yards after Luke shows initial shot that had been blocked brought an excellent save out of inal as Manchester United handed a goal to extend the 13-match winning streak on home soil anything less than a point could have been extremely harsh on leads who sucked manager GSA on Monday and

They also hit the post through Braden Allison in between the home sides to goals the results moves them a point clear of relegation Zone and above West I mean 16th although this superb contest the Highlander rode a rematch in four uh four days time will be an occasion to

Release leads claim a precious point at Manchester so how many saw the match how many thought that Leeds could uh get a point there uh tell me what you think about this match the general narrative around Ellenwood is the a work of major dismiss has been uh that the leads hierarchy

Could use a weak uh that feature two games against Manchester United recruit a replacement before quick clashes with the relegation Rivals Everton Southampton later this month leads have not won a league game at Old Trafford since 1981 and before kickoff many of their fans were speculating that

Uh their margin of deficit could be or rather than whether they could get something from the game the assessment recorded with a super motivated leads team led by former England futsaw head coach Michael later hosts who began the slopping and seldom under 10 Hagen since that wasn’t opening to

His senior that featured diffuse to Brighton and Red Fort so Italian teenager going to took a maximum advantage of the room afforded to him by a failure to track his first minute search at the age of the area by burying his shot into the bottom corner

If he was watching us by running time some of you will cut back in his own net uh three points after three minutes after the break matcha could have wondered why he could not have uh who could not have enjoyed the same slice of Fortune leads are not his responsibility

Now of course and as clubbach celebration on the touchline we are full of sheer Delight along with those of the coaching team that includes Chris arms who spent second half of his last time being a drailed for his contribution at Rough ragnik is Manchester United football management is not an easy task but

Um Sancho’s welcome on the match leads supporters per the rush for Dan such in uh in a little country song The paired carriers have moved in different directions since the Euro 2020 penal shootout lost to Italy rashford has now scored 20 goals in all competitions and

12 since the World Cup when he excelled Central likely omniscient from girl South gets caught from Qatar was put forward as one of the reason why his early season from early Seasons from Detroit bring it physical and mental issues to which took a spell on his own to overcome former Bushman doing a

Celebration as he ran away had an elemental relief to it at the time I just said it uh without creativity of Christian Eric and uh told Anthony plus casemiro Sancho’s quality is something 10 Hagen really needs at this time so um for the match Sancho gets

Uh 6.47 rashford so that’s that is uh some of the details when it comes to that Magister and the Leeds game tell me what you think in the comment section below

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