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I HAD SEX WITH SATAN 75 TIMES , Apostle Maria Reveals The Dark Secrets Of Hell


Foreign At account of 100 how many times in periods and this thing came that is how heartless the devil is how many times I visited hell so many times thank you um Then Okay um all right anywhere that has devoted almost hard time almost half of our life since I attended so um how has it been affected nowadays and um that was a Maria h yeah I’m a brand Ambassador yeah of the kingdom of Kevin okay yeah uh money is a brand ambassador means There were so many Pastors In my vision and um I didn’t even know I was a pastor by then now an instructor comes in into the room and tells us something I wasn’t even bad that kubernetes because then he points at me and I was like whoa I’m not sure yeah that instructor of that particular vision and

Um he points at me but amidst very many other prominent pastors and he moved out so I did understand that but he kept on coming in coming in to show me who I am definitely after some good times okay um uh Um um as a woman I feel like I need someone by my side to help me but I wish I had a husband by my side at least maybe this person could understand me um so it’s not about me having someone now it’s me having someone who understands my role in life and that someone is coming okay um that means foreign um they respect yes um

We are just waiting for the perfect time it was supposed to be my husband no I’m not dating you’re not dating money oh foreign foreign So they had so many hopes in me Then I come out and tell them Um um you have to move by what God wants God says you’re marrying in 2025 to get a crush in the winter so um like you’re the firstborn in the family or you know Korea came into Bible you don’t have that money so even to we have a challenge I had no options Um right um it’s a bit tricky on this generation a yeah some people don’t go to that extent but God can do that we can do more extremely than that okay everybody yeah Um he grounds you so much so if you’re a servant of goodness it affects the Lord it affects the spirit of God in you foreign yeah why there are many challenges and in English episodes So um yes at the end of the day in case you get a problem good um for example I have friends like who have stood so much in this ministry and for example to akola fished last year this year um hello Google Okay um foreign foreign

There are things that God has enabled me though and this summer is 30 years do you really still have hope just raise your hand the next time this person is and you’re like wow I’m also surprised foreign I want to Twin age foreign Deficit for us um that place is called Hades Paradise in A Place Called Paradise they go to that place called Hades where the kingdom of darkness prevails between I think I’ve not studied that yet but I think a place for departed Souls songs anywhere yeah but uh what I know what I’m sure

Okay mean what I’m sure of is Paradise and uh um okay um you said or you get any cartoon there right how does her look I mean the Hades over Heaven over Paradise I’ve not seen heaven what people seeing their dreams and Visions is that paradise I tell you

Because it looks like heaven so someone would because Paradise so you think me I’m from heaven but I think I don’t know but maybe some people even is not Paradise Paradise is is um that the Bible is to call Eden um it’s a real in the spirit it’s not like

A nation you find someone but it’s a reminis spirit why you go because Um many times I visited hell so many times away not hell headies that I Told You Hell is Fire um changing YouTube with evil intentions Scholarships foreign because very many people are attacked by these Spirits yeah what is the difference between um foreign Someone against so you find people I’m starting a program very soon they want to come out and help those people they’ll be sharing us with that with us many things because one of them told me yeah God knew you before he created you there’s a certain scripture they use in

Jeremiah 1 um but it’s not the truth eh um Familia um yes okay and at the end of it all you’re not just submitting under the devil so how powerful is Saturn how powerful is he he’s powerful because the Bible tells us he was the angel of Light

Before he was released from heaven and light his power um Um now To come then me I lose out challenge At a count of 100 how many times euros in periods and this thing came that is how heartless the devil is but he’s not emotion the devil is not emotional waiters um um foreign because we are cast which is causeless does not standing here again so I’ve experienced many people in Nigerians um Foreign foreign um so yeah let’s talk about your church business I’m a compound designer okay I do cakes and I’m starting on interior designs still all that manga um so the opposite Best Buy Supermarket that is um come on um hmm um you’ve joined music um Foreign foreign foreign I have many songs by that I have nine songs so far yeah it’s fun but let’s check it out I cannot give you a clear picture about the music it’s beautiful foreign foreign Foreign Your family spiritual family we Are Spiritual brothers sisters exactly in spiritual family yeah so it is charities you say um so when I went there they told me about their story foreign you still need Advantage we need someone very healthy we need someone right so we should mind about our health

Uh the environment we are in Twitter spiritual World um Spotify iTunes um um yes all right um foreign uh okay um yeah but uh we shall create time I think it’s on that note will always your money naturally as humans yeah so when we get such a platform I think

We shall be happy happy very happy uh to share this I also be happy because that’s one of the assignments God has given me literally above the kingdom of God and he’s using me to make sure and many people I know many people are also being used so I’ll be happy and um

Let’s keep in touch amen amen God bless you foreign

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