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Rick Ross’ Neighbors Are Complaining About His Buffaloes


Rick Ross neighbors are complaining about his buffaloes Rick Ross pet buffaloes are causing a problem in his neighborhood the rapper’s neighbor who lives on a plot of land behind his sprawling Promised Land estate in Georgia is not happy after the giant animals roamed onto her property on multiple occasions this week

According to TMZ she’s worried that they could pose a danger to her young children who play outside photos and video show the two thousand pounds beasts running through the neighbor’s front yard and grazing on the grass near a driveway with parked cars the neighbor also claims that they have

Caused damage to her yard the neighbor tried to confront Ross about the Buffaloes but ended up in a verbal dispute with a member of his team she attempted to get the police involved but they told her it’s a civil dispute and didn’t take a report she plans to file a neighbor dispute

With the city last March the Maybach Music mobile was gifted the two buffaloes from his business partners at atheca the underwear company one Buffalo which Rosie renamed Timbuktu weighed 2 000 pounds while the other was a 700 pounds heifer who was just over a year old we are gifting Rossi’s Buffalo

After a conversation at his birthday party back in January Darius Burton director of brand operations at atheca said at the time I wanted to get him a giraffe but he wasn’t ready for that commitment so he said let’s start smaller like a cow I said not everyone has cows I want you

To have something nobody in your state has I’m getting you a buffalo Ross 235 acre estate which he purchased from Evander Holyfield in 2014 is also home to four horses and a bull Rick Ross pets have frightened his neighbor not because of their bark or bite but because they’re buffaloes

The rappers pet buffaloes tend to wander into his neighbor’s Fayetteville Georgia Lawn according to TMZ causing panic over the risk to her small children when she tried to confront the rapper about it she ended up in a fight with a member of his team achieving nothing

She said she planned to file a neighbor dispute with the city as police would not get involved with a civil suit a contact for the rapper did not immediately respond ha

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