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Jaidyn Alexis Focuses on Self Improvement and Independence in New Year’s Resolution


It’s that time of the year where everyone is reflecting on their past 12 months and deciding how they want the next 12 to go for May their New Year’s resolution has something to do with self-improvement but for Jaden Alexis she’s focusing on herself in a different

Way during a recent interview at a New Year’s Eve party she revealed that her resolution is to put herself first but during the interview she also dipped into the realm of self-improvement revealing that she wants to be better than the woman she was before later in that same interview though she

Said something that fans were even more interested in she gave a hard confirmation about her status with blueface who she was engaged to earlier this year when asked about their current relationship she confirmed that she’s single and added that she’s focusing on getting this money despite the ending of their engagement blueface allegedly

Bought Jaden Alexis a house last month at least according to them he bought her a house krisan Rock later claimed that the house was actually rented not bought and blue wasn’t even the one paying for it Jaden Alexis on 2024 at the same New Year’s Event blueface gave even more details on why

He believes that krisan Rock’s song krisan Jr isn’t his he’s hinted at the idea before but been pretty scanted on details when he’s discussed it during an interview last month he made the claim that the child actually belonged to kisan’s ex who he claims she was still

Involved with e while they were dating Jaden Alexis new house was the setting for quite a bit of holiday content from blueface as well he live tweeted getting stuck in an elevator inside the house with his son over the Christmas holiday what do you think about Jaden Alexis New

Year’s resolution and confirmation that she and blueface engagement is off let us know in the comment section below

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