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Jason Lee Believes Christian Keyes Allegations Will Rock The Industry


Jason Lee of Hollywood unlocked and the Jason Lee show Fame recently commented on vague allegations made by actor Christian keys for those unaware this vagueness is not due to the heft of the sexual harassment allegations themselves as they involve some significant detail rather it’s because the 48-year-old did not name his alleged as

Salent who is a powerful man within the entertainment industry as such many folks theorized online about who this could be and many other celebrities spoke on the matter as for Lee he defended Key’s intentions and claimed that he knows who he’s talking about with this in mind he hinted at

This being a massive story that will shake up a lot within the media I know who Christian Keys is talking about and baby this is going to rock the industry Jason Lee penned on his Twitter page on Saturday December 16th networks icons black Hollywood it’s

A rap if he speaks out and he should at Christian Keys has never been messy so don’t question his motives perhaps this is something that the two will sit down to discuss in the near future as Lee has never shied away from one-on-one interviews on heavy topics and drama

Jason Lee’s comments on Christian Key’s allegations as for the allegations themselves Christian key said that he’s tried to forgive his alleged as salent but that it becomes difficult as he receives more Acclaim not only that but he showed a recording device on which he has various interactions with this

Person which he plans give to authorities the wonderful thing about confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements is that they can’t prevent you from turning all of those things over to the police Keys shared because sexual harassment is a crime attempted sexual assault is a felony he also detailed rejecting this

Powerful man multiple times and that he started carrying the recording device for protection I was like I need to protect me I’m saying no and I don’t want this person as powerful as they are to try to get in the way of my work so I started recording specifically the model said

That the man offered him $100,000 to take his clothes off tried to sleep with him and more Claudia Jordan was one of many celebrities to express support for him he told me some of this 15 years ago verbatim and said one day he was going to come forward I

Commend him for his bravery she wrote which adds to her recent comments on big media drama for more news and the latest updates on Jason Lee and Christian Keys stay

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