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Jay Z and D’Angelo to Collaborate on Epic Track for The Book Of Clarence Soundtrack


Two musical Legends in their respective genres will seemingly team up soon for an absolute Opus of a song moreover the book of clarence’s director James Samuel recently sat down with Elliot Wilson and none other than Jay-Z for a conversation HOV produced this film which centers around a man named

Clarence who tries to replicate the Adoration of Jesus Christ in 33 ad and claims to be another Messiah during their talk the London born filmmaker revealed that a very exciting collaboration will appear on this movie’s soundtrack which is expected to come out when it drops at all applicable

Theaters in the United States on Friday January 12th it’s so deep James Samuel remarked to the crowd who went wild with cheers after this next line we got D’Angelo and Jay-Z on the same track like 9 minutes and 32 seconds of absolute Soulful biblical Bliss of course this is an incredibly exciting

Prospect especially considering ing how rare it is for the soul icon to drop Music These Days furthermore this also follows the rockefella Mobile’s recent remarks on whether or not he will drop more music in the future as such we really need to treasure this moment if it manifests

Because we don’t know when something of this magnitude will happen again James Samuel announces Jay-Z and D’Angelo collab watch whether Jay-Z or D’Angelo will drop another album is a mystery but with what they’ve already done they can Coast off their craft as long as they

Live when it comes to the fields of Hip Hop and soul and Beyond respectively you’d be hardpressed to find more acclaimed respected and accomplished artists what’s more is that the Richmond native has always had a strong tie to the rap game that makes this feel very natural for example he brought out

Method Man and red man two former collaborators plus more special guests for his b appearance meanwhile the Brooklyn MC birthday might become a national holiday if the NYC Council gets its way Titans like big daddy Kan expressed their support for the initiative so we’ll see if it receives approval in public office

For our money we’d throw the voodoo creative into that ring two for more news and the latest updates on Jay-Z and d’angel

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    Nice to see D’Angelo back on the scene!

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