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Joe Budden Shares A Teaser For New Nicki Minaj Interview


Nicki Minaj has been the center of attention for more than a week now that’s because the legendary rapper just released her fifth studio album Pink Friday 2 it’s her first new album in 5 years and she didn’t hold back the 22 track album includes three singles that dropped beforehand and a number of

High-profile features rappers like Drake Lil Wayne Future Lil Uzi vert J Cole and more make appearances throughout the record Nikki has also done a pretty extensive press Run for the project but her biggest interview yet may be forthcoming Joe Button posted a picture of the pair together with the simple

Caption soon the tease didn’t come with an announcement of when fans will be able to watch the interview for themselves but that didn’t stop them from getting excited interviews with Nikki have become an even hotter commodity recently as she’s continued to take fans behind the scenes with the

Creation of Pink Friday 2 Joe Buon announces Nicki Minaj interview earlier this week Nicki Minaj B the good news on on how Pink Friday 2 impacted the Billboard charts she made a splash on the Hot 100 debuting 14 of the album’s 22 songs three of the tracks

Landed in the top 50 which is pretty impressive numbers given how much of the chart is dominated by Christmas music this time of year those numbers are in addition to the performance of the single she released last time I saw you had a top 25 debut and red ruby dle was inside the

Top 20 lead single super freaky girl had a commanding debut at the number one spot on the Hot 100 in its first week where she was even more impressive was on the billboard 200 Pink Friday 2 became Nicki Minaj’s thirdd number one album and her first in over a decade the

Album didn’t just debut at number one though it pushed some very impressive first week numbers selling well over 200k copies play in it among the top 10 highest first week sales total of the year what do you think of Joe Button teasing an upcoming interview with Nicki

Minaj let us know in the comment section below

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