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Joe Rogan Praises Kanye West’s Jail


Joe Rogan praised Kanye West’s daa track jail during a recent episode of his podcast with Shane Gillis in doing so he labeled West a bad mother asteris Kerr and joked that Society has to let him get out of line so he can make music like that we played this one song in the

Green room when we really want to get things popping Rogan began the I’m going to jail song God damn that song rocks after playing some of the song He add he’s a bad mother of asterisk Kerman you got to let a guy like this get out

Of line every now and again that’s what makes him so brilliant he’s got a tornado going on in his mind there’s a tornado in there at any given time Joe Rogan performs in Pasadena California performances at the Ice House Comedy Club Pasadena California April 17th comedian Joe Rogan performs during

His appearance at the Ice House comedy club on April 17th 2019 in Pasadena California photo by Michael S Schwarz Getty Images J ended up being one of the biggest songs from da and won the award for best rap song at the 2022 Grammy Awards it peaked at number 10 on the US

Billboard Hot 100 check out Rogan’s opinion on the song as well as Kanye West’s controversial Behavior Joe Rogan gues Kanye’s jail you got to let him go out of line every now and again that’s what makes him so brilliant Joe Rogan’s discussion of West comes as the disgraced rapper prepares for the

Postponed release of his new album with ta doala sign vultur while the two originally intended to drop earlier this month the day came and went with no new music from West as fans have become accustomed to one issue he mentioned on social media was not being able to get Nicki Minaj to clear

Her verse on new body be on the lookout for further updates on Joe Rogan and Kanye West

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