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Justin Bieber Takes a Stance in Hockey Fandom, Drake Expresses Interest


Justin Bieber and Drake are two of the most notable Canadian exports of their generation that’s why it’s no surprise that they both rep some sports teams from their home countries Drizzy is notorious for sitting Courtside during Toronto Raptor games and was omnipresent throughout the team’s 2019 title run but

In a recent Instagram post Justin Bieber pledged his allegiance to a different team in an entirely different sport had fun last night at the next gen game with the at Maple Leafs captioned an Instagram post he also included two pictures taken during a recent Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game the first

Picture of the bunch features the pop star and his boo both sporting some Maple Leafs merch but in the comments Drake popped up with a hilariously passive aggressive comment about not being invited to the game well guy doesn’t even invite me to see some puck bunnies eh his comment reads the post

Itself already has more than 1.5 million likes while drizzy’s comment has racked up more than 14k Drake wants to hit up a hockey game with Justin Bieber last week Drake released the new music video for his song you broke my heart the track was a standout from the

Scary hours three addition to his album for all the dogs earlier this year it closes off the EP and has racked up nearly 40 million Spotify streams since the addition to the album dropped back in November but the video attracted some controversy for one particular Cameo the biggest superstar in all of country

Music and one of the biggest selling artists of 2023 Morgan Wallen makes an appearance alongside Drake in the music video many still take issue with the 2021 incident where Wallen was caught using the nword on video taken by someone’s doorbell camera what do you think of Drake trying to get invited to

Justin Bieber’s next hockey game outing let us know in the comment section below

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