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Nicki Minaj Raises Concerns Over Potential Album Sabotage in Physical Stores


Nicki Minaj has long shown that she cares a lot about the success of her music on the charts she once notoriously teamed up with 69ine for the song trolls and used digital purchases from her website to propel it all the way to the top of the Hot 100 in fact when

Billboard changed their rules about website sales and bundles impacting their charts many fans speculated that it was inspired by Nikki directly now Nikki is once again paying attention to how her sales are being generated rather in this case how they aren’t being generated seemingly a random Nikki hater

Took to Twitter to share a video of them hiding physical copies of her new album Pink Friday 2 behind other CDs and vinyls in a record store no physical sales for you the posts caption reads Nikki herself caught wind of the tweet and shared it to her audience with a

Quote tweet where she tagged billboard it’s hard to see what exactly billboard could do about the matter but she just wanted to bring it to their attention Nikki Minaj shares concerning video Nicki Minaj hasn’t exactly been lacking in success this month she released her first new album in 5 years Pink Friday 2

And it’s performed quite well in the album’s first week it surpassed 200k total sales on its way to debuting at number one on the billboard 200 additionally even in its second week it didn’t slip far dropping down to number two behind only Taylor Swift the album has also performed pretty well on digital

Platforms consequently Nikki has been no stranger about flexing the project Spotify success to fans online the brags come in contrast to Nikki’s criticism of Spotify in recent weeks what do you think of the video of a Nicki Minaj hater hiding physical copies of her albums and stores do you think Nikki’s

Retweet will have any effect on how physical sales are tracked let us know in the comment section below

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  1. @susannicholson50 says

    When you go into the store, all you have to do is look for the album behind all of the albums under-the-counter and you'll find them. That's what I do. I look for It.

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