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Kanye West And Bianca Censori Take North West To Disneyland


Northwest is no stranger to trips to Disneyland the young star has been multiple times with both of her parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian according to TMZ she hit up the park once again earlier this week with West this time though her stepmom and West’s new wife Bianca sorri was

Along for the ride they shared some photos of the trio at the park during an otherwise very turbulent time for West recently Kanye West has been incredibly busy this week after dropping a new single with ta dalala sign last month the pair promised an entire new album

Would be coming out today but as many fans have pointed out the day arrived without any album dropping that’s nothing new for ye who has often played loose and fast with release dates in place of a new album West treated fans to a new viral rant taking aim at numerous former allies and

The First new Yeezy drop since Adidas severed ties with West and the brand Kanye West with wife and daughter at Disneyland after previewing numerous songs from their supposedly upcoming new album Ty DOA sign and Kanye West haven’t shared the full thing yet one issue they’re having maybe sample

Clearance West made a public plea for Nicki Minaj to clear her contribution to one of the album’s songs new body but she refused West also publicly questioned her decision in a tweet claiming that he supported her career when they previously collaborated on his song Monster Kanye West also announced the y

Y pod earlier this week it’s the first move for Yeezy since Adidas cut ties with the brand and Promises to be the future of Footwear as is often the case fans of the brand and fans of West’s music were very divided on the drop what do you think of the new pictures of

Kanye West emerging during a turbulent time for the rapper let us know in the comments section below

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