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Quavo Dismisses Woman’s Dirty Talk During Hilarious Blind Dating Video


From his music you know that quo likes to have fun in the bedroom but just like anyone else he’s not always in that mood moreover he recently participated in a new video titled 20 women vss1 rapper uploaded on YouTube by nmer in it the former Migo meets 20

Random women and has to pick between them in a speed dating like scenario it’s a pretty hilarious video albe it a questionable concept that other rappers like boozy badass have also done in the past this time though Quay had a particularly hilarious reaction to one woman from

Kentucky Riley who was a bit too excited to get intimate with him in the clip below you can see him ask this woman some questions about what she likes to do Hobbies interests you know the drill they mention Six Flags traveling and then out of nowhere the woman says that

She likes F asterisk asterisk asterisk iing and sucking D asterisk asterisk k for fun damn why everything is that with you the soon to be flest asked Riley besides you know F asterisk asterisk asterisk and sucking D asterisk asterisk K what else he asked which caused him nmer and Riley to chuckle and

Giggle quo’s hilarious response to an overenthusiastic Suitor watch I don’t know if I can eat at a table with her quo told the host after she walked away when her time was up they joked about not being able to take her to your mother’s house and you can tell by her

Reaction and the laughs that everyone took it in stride of course we know that the Georgia trap icon’s interests are much more varied and eclectic than what many might assume for example he recently practiced his karate skills in Japan adding yet another skill to his growing portfolio meanwhile the 32-year-old is

Still having a lot of fun on the music side of things so don’t think he’s getting distracted at all after all Travis recently brought him out at his Miami concert to great success hyping up the crowd and showing off some potent chemistry so if you ever meet huncho

Just know that you don’t have to try too hard to get him excited for more news and the latest updates on Qui

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