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Kanye West is a [ __ ] [ __ ] for White lives matter t-shirt says logic Kanye West has been called a [ __ ] [ __ ] by Logic for wearing his Infamous White lives matter t-shirt at last year’s Paris Fashion Week although he still has love for him he was spotted wearing the controversial shirt back in October

While hanging out with conservative political pundit Candace Owens during his yzy season 9 experience in Paris France facing a sea of backlash the shirt would kick-start Kanye West’s now notorious slew of anti-Semitic controversies which all began after he told Tucker Carlson in an interview on Fox news that he found his

Paris Fashion Week stunt to be funny my favorite response cause I kept on thinking they’re looking for an explanation Yi said in part and people say well as an artist you don’t have to give an explanation but as a leader you do so the answer to why I wrote White lives

Matter on a shirt is because they do it’s the obvious thing on Wednesday April 26th during a vlog post on his YouTube channel logic reflected on some of the backlash he’s received over the years and said that at least he wasn’t wearing white lives Matter t-shirts and doing dumb [ __ ]

It’s kinda dope to realize the more people talking about me positive or negative makes me more Rich logic said only I’m not like evil so I’m not out here spewing [ __ ] out of my mouth or wearing white lives Matter t-shirts or some dumb [ __ ] like that [ __ ] [ __ ]

He continued love Kanye by the way just a stupid [ __ ] idea let me preface that I love Kanye West I think he’s a genius I wouldn’t be here without him I can have a [ __ ] opinion and as long as my opinion is respectful and from the

Heart then it is what it is I would have not said something like that a few years ago because I would have been scared that I wouldn’t have gotten a Kanye verse or Kanye beat and I could just give a [ __ ] because if I ever meet Kanye West I’m

Just gonna shake his hand and talk to him like a man and have a fun conversation and that’s gonna be that logic has long heldy in High Praise the Maryland rapper interlopes Kanye West on his no pressure track celebration and references him with tracks like hurt M say from the Same album

He also uses yes Taiko drums from amazing on his 2015 song contact he also praised the Yeezus hitmaker for his Artistry early on in his career even when he was being accused of biting the very rappers who inspired him I’ve been so inspired by others from Kendrick to

Drake to Cole to Kanye to everybody in a great way logic said in a 2015 interview with complex like oh he did this I want to try something like this there’s less and less of that it’s still there I’m not ashamed I never will be and I don’t think you should be

Those same people who be like you sound like whoever Kendrick Cole Kanye Drake yes if you say that reminds you of that I did my job because this person is so incredible and I could stir up a similar feeling logic’s comments come as ye continues to deal with an onslaught of controversies

Both legal and otherwise most recently a former teacher at his donda Academy scrutinized the rap Mogul for his bizarre regulations at the school and issued a dire warning to parents that their kids may have trouble transferring elsewhere the comments were made by Cecilia Haley who is one of two

Women suing Yi for wrongful termination over claims she was let go after raising concerns about the school in a recent interview with TMZ Haley stressed that things are far worse than parents realize and that donda Academy student body is severely behind in their education Yi West I am so thankful for the

Opportunity to be at your school but things are not going the way they should academically socially or spiritually she said and you need to back down and try again with people who know what they’re doing who can execute a vision who can help you understand that we don’t know

Anything about producing albums but we know how to educate she continued these children’s lives are in your hands and this Vision especially if you’re trying to carry out the vision of your mother is just not working right now Haley added that the children aren’t graded on their Academia and as a result

That could make it impossible for parents to transfer their kids to other schools since there is no way to gauge their performance Haley and another teacher have since filed a lawsuit against donda Academy alleging that they were fired from the school because they reported education safety and health code violations to the

Authorities and that students were only fed sushi

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