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Kate Middleton & Prince William Deliver PIZZA


Prince and Princess of Wales celebrate the 60th anniversary of central beacons Mountain Rescue The Prince and Princess of Wales made a royal trip to Wales on Thursday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of central beacons Mountain Rescue and meet with locals the couple purchased some pies from a

Pizza van and carried them to rescue teams in Dalai to show their appreciation the visit to Wales comes a little over a week ahead of King Charles’s coronation which is set to take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London Meghan Markle not attending the coronation Access Hollywood

Previously spoke with Charlie Langston about the event and she said she thinks the former suit star is relieved that the event is taking place on her son Archie’s birthday Meghan Markle is not attending the coronation for a number of reasons including Archie’s birthday provides her with the perfect excuse to stay behind

At home she can tell everyone that she wants to make sure he feels special and that he can celebrate it at home in California with his friends and loved ones the fact of the matter is her mere Presence at the coronation would cause such a scandal such a huge amount of public

Intrigue that it would completely overshadow Charles and the rest of the senior Royals Megan would cause a huge public outrage the former suit star would cause the entire Royal Family Megan would not attend the coronations would cause an enormous amount of public intriguing the fact of the coronation would cause

Of the absence would completely overshadow Charles and a huge amount of public intrigue the fact of the coronation would be to the fact of a scandal that it would completely overturn the queen would completely Overture the queen and Prince Harry would not be in attendance The Duchess of Cambridge

Would not have to put on a brave face smiling for the cameras acting as though things were all hunky-dory the prince of cambridge’s wife of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cornwall would not need to put a brave to act as though it would be the Queen’s wife of the cambridge’s to be

The Duchess of Cambridge however to put her on the back of the back the Cambridge of London the Palace of Cambridge is not to show her face it’s better for everyone involved that Megan does not attend

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