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Kanye West & Kid Cudi Squash Beef & Reunite At Vultures Listening Party


It seems like all is well between Kanye West and kid Cy after the two reunited at last night’s vultures listening party as G and taala sign gear up to drop their forthcoming album which has faced its fair share of ups and downs it appears that they’ve revamped the track

List after its initial debut in Miami earlier this week in Vegas where listening session number two took place a video surface of ye and cuy embracing each other with excitement the two rappers had decided to put their differences aside and linked for a new collaboration as Y and taala sign played

A few new records from their forthcoming album alongside Northwest they stunned fans when they debuted a new song Together featuring CI the record titled gun to my head was performed by ye and taala sign shocking fans once CI vocals kicked in although a new track list for the project hasn’t surfaced it seems

Like ke and tid doala sign pulled out all the stops for their forthcoming project kid Cy and K West be fends if you recall the two had a huge falling out in 2022 that spilled into the public eye ye threw some shots during his Infamous Instagram tirade while Cudi

Vowed that he would never work with the dinosaur again ultimately the two made it clear that they still appreciate each other after you debuted a new collaboration with his kids see ghosts collaborator during his chaotic vultures listening party last night hopefully vultures will hit streaming services

Soon as of last night you was still trying to clear verses including one from Nicki Minaj on new body unfortunately Nikki wasn’t necessarily willing to do so hopping on Instagram live to shut down Kanye’s request their long awaited track might not appear on vultures but regardless we’re excited to hear it in its

Entirety check out the snippet of Kanye West and ta doala dollar Ian gun to my head foot kid Cy above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments do Kanye and kid Cy have another hit on their hand

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  1. @simonpimentel4101 says

    Bro I’m never gonna forget how kid cudi kept instigating this beef and how unreasonably offended Kanye was.

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