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Yeah yes it again Again we nice we are all the all positive then come around let the energy let the energy flow let it flow like the riv night yeah we tell it all again tell it all never nice gu we nice yes we all all the posi negative can come

Around let the energy flow like the r night and let them know that the for I love big up to the innovator who it the word the people it again remember nice nice we only posi no negative around nice we nice nice Nice we all only posi no netive can come around yes Manet Music Yes Man run the track again boy time is short so let’s do it sweet up yourself yeah man watch it Oh yeah Never Fade Away Never Fade Away oh yeah my B my love my Su my my before the children say it’s late and don’t T to l because the truth Never Fade Away the truth understand afria is the of origin I shining this light when I no no time fight

One don’t to speak your my freedom of speech is my I said to go what see my My my my brother come before the children said it’s l time to because the truth shall never fade away I said the truth and understanding you have listen of your Origin shining this light we I he no FLH no children fight no why AR shining shining Shin shining Shin Shin my before the children say it’s late Ain no time to because it to you to me to you to me I said the Truth I S shining this light iight children don’t fight Oh oh Yes yes [Applause] man it on yeah man sweet The Music Man Dand you’re nice sweet like what yeah man run the tra me brother ready big up yourself man Zion big up yourself run it there who Those how you you just don’t know you don’t know you don’t you don’t know I won’t come down and you with lightning brain Stone and fire for in my heart that is what I Re my desire is for you to be true and strong and then someday you will get to know you been how could I ever go on leaving this SP be this way you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know you don’t Know B yeah man music for thece man Yeah sweet Sweet yeah the is nice and I’m reg music to the people well right now I’m going to do a simple song of the album called sign of the time and right I want to call bridg Steve B we’re going to do a little thing you know bless up Steve

B artist man come to you let’s do the music together my brother simple Call Sign of the time my album going to do it for you and yours sign up the time just look what going on around the world here you know and then you will know it’s all about it yeah man

VES is nice reg music for your and yours you know what I’m saying it’s all good feel it feel it got to feel it got to feel the vine yeah all right right sign of the time There know do This [Applause] okay yeah oh yeah yeah M see is the sign sign of the and it’s home then where we go from here this is a sign sign of the time and it’s home where we go the Bri are turning the people learning I leaders you telling the people your

Holding just around you and you will see how many people are suffering the people come on sign of the of the we from a sign andwhere We Of The and home and we this is a sign sign of the And the Firstus the people and let your blessing Let It Shine through all the world darning the P are turning and the people are learning all leaders to telling the people your only [Applause] Of Oh son of the son of it’s a of the time of the of the it’s a of the time of the yes the of the time yes it’s the sign of the Time I a sign of a time of time a sign of a time of time sign of the time of the time of the give Me It’s been a long long time since I’ve got you on my mind and now we are here let make it clear to see what you could do just you and me just you and me it [Applause] up oh high oh high come on and it up in the [Applause] Morning it’s been a long long a long a long long Time It down up Yeah spirit Man thanks thanks for the Bless show FES December 8 reg show Festival Tanzania we are live right now Zena yes mive yes massive I love you the rest big up time Royal Studio Shop N steering B you nice have nice today show the show was H like a fire R VI show Festival Tanzania one people next time

Bless Rock interational long


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