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Kanye West Reveals First Post Adidas Yeezy Sneaker, The YZY POD


Kanye West is currently in the midst of trying to finish up his new album vultures however it doesn’t seem like the album is actually ready although he had promised a new album for today it is yet to be released instead fans have been left waiting based on numerous clips from

Social media it is clear that Y is still working on finishing up some of the mixes there was even a clip of him in FL Studio which just goes to show that this thing is still very much a work in progress that said ye is now looking to get back

Into the sneaker game of course his Adidas contract was terminated and now he can do as he wishes with Yeezy well on Thursday night he revealed the first Yeezy sneaker to be released post Adidas this shoe is called the YZ y pod and is a foldable offering that goes up

Pretty high on your leg furthermore it seems like this shoe looks more like a sock than an actual sneaker Kanye a West and Yeezy are back the artist has opened up pre-sales for this shoe which just goes to show that he means business it remains to be seen when the shoe will be

Shipped out moreover there is only one color way of this offering and it is unclear if more will be unveiled whether or not people resonate with this model remains to be seen after all it looks pretty Niche and this is not the kind of shoe that a lot of fans

Typically go for especially if you are a street wear enthusiast if you are someone who is interested in this shoe you can grab the pre-sale here however this very simple design will run you about $200 which is a whole lot of cash let us know what you think of this sneaker in

The comments section below will you be coping additionally stay tuned

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