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Shaq Says Draymond Green Should Only Be Suspended Two Games


Shaq has told TMZ that he believes the appropriate suspension for Draymond Green after his ejection against the Suns is just two games I don’t think Draymond said hey I’m going to punch this guy just CU he’s pulling my jersey Shaq said green is currently one game into an indefinite

Suspension for the NBA statement on the decision the suspension takes into account Green’s repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts furthermore he will be required to meet certain league and team conditions before he returns to play The League added green received his 18th career ejection and third of the

Season for striking the Suns Joseph nck in the face with a spinning backhand early in the third quarter of Tuesday’s game many people have said that the punishment for green was too harsh grinning squinting face this fool is my favorite basketball basketball player WTF is wrong with him man shrugging

Medium skin tone that was a mistake I will apologize for him face with raised eyebrow come on it’s a physical game 50 Cent wrote on Instagram however the league has held firm in keeping green sidelined for the time being Steve Kerr speaks on Draymond Green suspension meanwhile Steve Kerr Green’s

Head coach has also spoken on the suspension the one who choked Rudy the one who took a wild flail at Joseph the one who punched Jordan last year that’s the guy who needs to change this is not just about an outburst on the court it’s about his life it’s about someone

Who I believe in someone I have known for decades who I love for his loyalty there is a lot of this that has to happen with people who are experts in this field my role in this is to support Draymond as best I can we want to give

Him the space time and assistance he needs to make a significant change we’re not qualified to offer some of the things he needs ker said however some believe that the Warriors are no longer in a position to help green sources who spoke to ESPN this week said the

Warriors had lost their leverage with green after failing to adequately punish him for punching Jordan pool last season Stephen A Smith said on first take that no one would blame the Warriors if they sought to trade

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  1. @thewatchers7152 says

    True 2 games will wake him up

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