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Kanye West Reveals Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend MISTREATED Justin Bieber


Kanye West is speaking out on why Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble is a creep and rumors are going around that Corey did something to his former friend Justin Bieber Kanye posted a picture of Corey Gamble Kris Jenner’s longtime boyfriend the caption reads God has a plan to remove the Godless Cory needed

To never be here anyway Kanye has tried to warn us about Corey on multiple occasions and he even said he was worried about Corey being around his kids and since Corey used to work as Justin Bieber’s tour manager and also has connections to Diddy fans are now speculating Corey was involved in the

Alleged grooming of Justin by high-profile industry men so what did Kanye reveal this time about Creepy Corey did Corey really do something to Justin thank you Corey Gamble has been dating Kris Jenner for almost a decade and we still have no idea where this man

Came from or what he did before he met Chris what we do know however is that Corey is very well connected and close to all the top industry players he’s been regularly seen hanging out with people like Diddy Jay-Z Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey what’s also weird is

That earlier this year Corey was spotted with Jay-Z and Beyonce as they were leaving a Grammys after party and Corey was acting like he was Beyonce’s personal bodyguard sorry sorry so what is Corey’s job exactly well there’s been a lot of speculation that Corey is a Hollywood Handler and if you don’t know

What a Handler is well officially handlers are something like personal assistants and they manage different tasks for celebs to make their busy lives easier but why would Corey work for other celebs when he has access to Kris Jenner’s money well there’s been a lot of speculation that the real

Responsibility of handlers is to keep stars under the control of their Hollywood Masters several celebs have spoken out about this before claiming that handlers are hired by industry higher-ups to make sure that celebs do what they’re told and don’t spill any industry Secrets most notably Kanye West recently exposed his former personal

Trainer Harley Pasternak for being a Handler after Harley threatened Kanye he would institutionalize him this is a trainer but come to find out he was actually just but this is my trainer so this shows you the kind of handlers that are around the superstars of California right when Kanye was talking about

Harley he also expressed concern about other Hollywood handlers who are in the house and around his kids and though he didn’t name any names it seemed like he was talking about Corey Harley was part of intelligence right what kind of people you think are surrounding my kids what

Kind of people you think are in that house right now the reason Kanye was probably referring to Corey in this interview is because Kanye previously publicly stated he doesn’t want Corey around his kids back in the summer of 2020 Kanye escaped to his Wyoming ranch claiming that Kim and Chris were trying

To lock him up and put him under the 5150 psychiatric holds and did a follow-up tweet Kanye called out Chris and Corey writing Chris don’t play with me you and that call me are not allowed around my children y’all tried to lock me up many events have been speculating that the

Reason Kanye worried about Corey was because of Corey’s lack of boundaries around the Kardashian kids do you remember that time Corey said he would thank Courtney and Scott’s daughter Penelope if she scratched him on whipping her ass Penelope she scratched you I won’t give us bacon for sure my daughter back then

A lot of people took Corey’s side because it really did seem like Courtney and Scott’s kids were poorly behaved however this wasn’t the point at all because as Scott later explained Corey had no place saying he would physically punish someone else’s child he personally would actually do that and

Put hands and hurt my little daughter I just want to understand that and he said but this wasn’t the only time Corey was being weird around the younger car General members fans have also accused Corey of having a weird obsession with Kylie Jenner because he always looks

Like he’s checking her out I’m gonna put just like glittery pink in the middle and if our mom honestly good and Kanye actually picked up on Corey’s weird Behavior years ago back in 2019 Kanye called out Corey for acting strange and he texted him asking why he never

Introduced his family to the Kardashians Kanye text Corey something really rude Kanye was like I think it’s weird like we’ve never met his family that’s weird however Chris was very defensive and she accused her family of putting ideas about Corey into Kanye’s head you guys

Sit and talk to Kanye and if you talk to Kanye he’s going to put that up here and run with them I’m not saying I’m not saying we’re all different how about you used to be weird but Kanye didn’t stop there he recently came for Corey again and this time he had a

Lot more to say Kanye posted a photo of Corey on his Instagram and wrote a long caption calling Corey Godless and bringing up his connection to Diddy and Justin Bieber God has a plan to remove the Godless Corey Kanye began needed to never be here anyway Kanye then said

That Corey is a nice person but not a great person adding a nice person who used to be around Puff’s family then got around Justin Bieber and then when Chris got divorced he slid in Kanye also claimed that he once personally removed Corey from his daughter’s birthday party and added we still never

Met his family and I guess we never will Kanye concluded by claiming Corey got Kim linked with the Liberals in a deep way and also said that he always felt like Corey worked for some shady corporation like the chemical company Dupont now the part where Kanye mentioned Corey’s connection to Diddy

And Justin Bieber is very interesting because reports recently emerged that Diddy may have groomed Justin when he was a teenager several disturbing videos are currently making the rounds on social media showing Diddy acting creepy around Justin and fans have been speculating that Diddy groomed both Justin and Justin’s Mentor Usher when Justin was

Just 15 years old he spent 48 Hours living with Diddy and a video of their weird interaction recently resurfaced online right now he’s out of 48 hours with Diddy him and his boy um they’re having the times of their lives like like you no were we hanging out and what we doing

Um we can’t really disclose but um it’s definitely a 15 year old’s dream um you know I I have been given custody of him you know he signed to Usher I I had legal guardianship of Usher when when you know he he did his first album first

Album I don’t really I don’t have legal guardianship of him but for the next 48 hours he’s with me so um yeah and we’re gonna go full full crazy another video recently emerged showing Diddy questioning slightly older Justin why he stopped hanging out with him and this time Justin looked very

Nervous around Diddy starting to act different how you ain’t been calling me and hanging out the way we used to hang out well I mean you haven’t I mean you try to get in contact with me you know through all my you know you know partners and whatnot but you never

Really got my number so correct okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah as for Corey it’s unclear when exactly he met did he however he’s been spotted at Diddy’s parties multiple times and they seem to be pretty close Corey was also apparently close to Diddy’s late girlfriend Kim Porter

Because when Diddy threw a party to celebrate Kim’s 50th birthday two years after she died Corey was there and he shared a throwback photo of him and Kim on IG writing happy birthday Kim Porter I will always continue to thank you for all you and Diddy did for my life now as

For Corey’s connection to Justin Bieber Corey was working as Justin’s tour manager when he met Chris and back then Justin and Corey were always hanging out together all this coupled with Kanye’s recent comments about Corey has left fans wondering if Corey’s a Hollywood Handler who was hired by Diddy back when

Justin was still using drugs to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn’t spill any Hollywood Secrets one fan on Reddit said that Corey was cosplaying as a music executive but he was actually Justin’s Handler when he was using and another fan added I bet Corey

Is one of those CIA MK Ultra handlers like yay’s personal trainer but let’s hear how you feel about all these rumors surrounding Corey Gamble do you think Corey really worked for Diddy as Justin’s Handler comment down below and don’t miss out on this next video foreign foreign foreign

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