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Foreign yeah it is I know foreign Foreign Foreign Photography [Laughter] Um foreign hmm ology um together Yes Ninja Foreign Um My church um foreign foreign Foreign At the moment was it the right timing wow foreign Um Foreign Kenya Mama twin Foreign Thank you foreign Foreign so I think it is hmm Um Freedom City City language Foreign Foreign Scholarship Foreign Foreign Marina um foreign Um Ghana foreign Cleaning Industries yes Foreign musically matter remember it is Magazine foreign you know oh my God Federation again foreign foreign don’t you think yeah um because at the moment um foreign uh mother um foreign foreign Foreign Foreign foreign I don’t know Says Foreign foreign Blankets Foreign Foreign Uptown again music Uh An ordinary foreign Foreign foreign Foreign Foreign Limited Japan yes um online mm-hmm Facebook okay um it’s not a matter of coming waking up one day The first concert alone foreign Yeah music Ians foreign settings And all this time music it’s a club Bangla those are clubbers um get up sense of direction tiny sense of direction right yes um Foreign City chocolate benefit s um but you did it is foreign foreign Foreign Foreign so um they can even dance to they can even dance to a phone ringtone but at the end of the day they would think why is but we still open our eyes and sinners before we choose what let’s first think wise and we think um what is the meaning

Gospel they all make songs for one person katonda foreign press conference What can you foreign Foreign Next time foreign Foreign Ty people now and sometimes I’ll get them too much management management foreign Um in terms of events in terms of events in a case It is emotion don’t include the music because music is the product people want from artists Truth foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Applause] foreign foreign foreign it’s the most important aspect to the music yes does that mean the industry right now is struggling yeah if it is the industry is struggling government is but there are very many voices that is a group of Bandits Okay um foreign uh Cutting Edge broadcasting monitoring system booster um by Distributing a realities collaborating to boost the collection of realities uh um foreign foreign Federation Um yes associations Association so Um associations foreign Foreign foreign College do even those groups do they represent the whole country Western Union um Studios the cameras videos Uganda money my door yes foreign Hmm it is Uganda um Federation it is Represented foreign foreign Thank you Network s Federation yeah it is was it a a planned move ment for a president Is a business business basically Administration agenda today do they really coordinate do they rethink that so is it Anna concentrated movement the musicians are crying babies musician music musicians Foreign You need to have Regulators right from the government governance organizations 2018 um foreign why is it yeah to the Ambassador Got it hey they’re not online foreign Metro hello foreign

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