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Kanye West Speaks Out on Kim Kardashian Closing Businesses


Hello guys welcome to the channel my name is tin yeah the tinter media is here to give you the world to give you the latest when it comes to the world of Entertainment Sports and Cent news currently we having a story here about kany West and the Kardashians you know

Drama with the Kardashian doesn’t end so on this channel I’ll be giving you more of the drama with the Kardashians so that you get to know what is is really unfolding when it comes to the world of entertainment anyway KY speaks out onim Kardashian closing business the impact of divorce

Unveiled oh my God Kim kadashian a longstanding successful business woman is facing a wave of closures in her business Empire with her mobile game app Kim Kardashian um Hollywood being the latest casuality the announcement of the app the app shutdown has sparked discussions among the origins and sustainability of Kim various Ventures

With many attributing the challenges to her divorce from kany West despite their separation it becomes evident that Kenya all Kya played a significant role in shaping and supporting Kim’s businesses recently funds logging into the Kya Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood received an alert about the impending shutdown revealing

That the game could no longer offer in up purchases that have been removed from App Stores features on the app could remain accessible until April uh e8th after the game could become inaccessible Kim confirmed that uh confirmed the closure during an interview with TMZ expressing gratitude

To the fans uh for their support over the past decade the game developer Gulu also confirmed the shutdown in a user Forum post outlining the timeline for the d uh for the game discontinuation while the game seemed financially successful generating substantial revenue and downloads questions arise about why it needed to

Be closed critics appointing to Kim’s apparent lack of commitment to her projects suggesting that the Kanye West played a more substantial role in her Ventures despite the recent divorce KY influence in keems business is evident from the kkw now rebranded as schemes to other Enterprises K involvement to other Enterprises

K kany West involvement in shaping Kim’s business is not just speculation he has openly expressed his impact on the schemes and even claimed ownership in an interview kyya West is a m talented artist and Trend CER brought he uh which he brought his extensive Connections in the entertainment industry for ke

Opening doors and elevating her brand Beyond reality TV his influence in the fashion world has significantly contributed to Kim’s St status as a style icon attracting attention credibility to her fashion choices and collaborations with highend designers K magnetic presence in the media Spotlight allowed uh Kim to leverage her brand and expand her

Business however with K’s separation and strained relationship it appears that Kim is facing challenges in sustaining her businesses the closure including the Kim kadashian Hollywood Game suggest that the ties that once filled Kim success are unveiling fans Express disappointment in how the closure was announced signaling and a potential downfall for Kim’s once

Thriving Empire as the impact of kany West departure because of more apparent and questions linger about Kim kadashian ability to navigate her business independently the closure of Kim kadashian Hollywood marks a significant chapter in Kim’s Journey businesses leaving many to pound the future of her brand without KY influential presence

The saga continues the funds await further development in the K post divorce business Endeavors like the page follow leave a comment tell me what you think about uh the latest to Kim kadashian

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