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Cam’ron Drops Fire Freestyle Over D’Angelo’s Cruisin on It Is What It Is Season Opener


Cameron set the internet Ablaze last week with a freestyle over D’Angelo’s Cruisin and now he’s brought the track to streaming services proving he still got it killakam dropped Sublime storytelling bars over the brown sugar instrumental to Kickstart season 3 of his and mallar S hit Sports Talk Show it is what it is

In the smooth three and a half minute Minute Freestyle the Dipset rapper Nam dropped Jay-Z wuang Clan mob deep and others while reflecting on his Harlem upbringing drug dealing past and recent success in sports media I did a lot of things to stay away from poverty SLR mob

Deep causing Havoc made me a prodigy he wrapped in one slick bar after receiving overwhelmingly positive responses from fans and peers alike including Twista Kareem BSB and Tobin wigu the latter of whom called it Majestic cam released the freestyle as a standalone song on Spotify and apple music on Wednesday

January 10th this is far from the first time that Cameron has blessed fans with some bars while on the it is what it is set after hearing Jay Cole Nam drop him and mallerie on lilot the secret recipe cam sprung into action to spit over the

Same beat in October it is what it is might be a Sports Talk Show but the unpredictable nature of killak Cam and murder ma often takes things in a million different directions for example last week Cameron revealed that he bought his driver’s license and never had to actually take

The real road test I bought my first license I never even took the test I cheated on that too he admitted I had it for 20 something years engas from Polo Grounds were selling licenses I bought my license from a Enga in polo grounds in

97 I cheated my way through a bunch of my license official you paid Eng gas $600 they did all the for you you didn’t have to take the test he continued they came back with the paperwork that you passed the test so you take the paperwork and you go take

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