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Kanye West & Tory Lanez Prayed Together Over The Phone, Ye Claims In Rant


Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos thank you for watching before Tory Lanz was convicted of shooting Megan the stallion in December of last year his case was already one of the biggest of the decade so far whether it was for the high-profile nature of both sides or the back and forth accusations

Over tampered evidence bias and more it was a firestorm to witness it also prompted many folks in similarly cancelled situations to side with the Canadian artist and there is no one more firmly in that category than Kanye West during a recent and wild rant at the listening event for his Tai DOA dollar

IGN collab album vultures in Las Vegas he mentioned Tori at one point and how they linked a lot of people have S asterisk asterisk T to say about my Js comments Kanye West exclaimed but ain’t nobody in this mother asterisk asterisk asterisk in room and none of y’all Entertainer and asterisk asterisk

Asterisk as ever said nothing when I was praying to see my kids one of the last things uh what’s my an asterisk asterisk asteris that got locked up for the mean the stallion s asterisk asterisk T okay look so Tory Lane is we used to have prayers on the phone together and I

Prayed that day and y’all saw that s asterisk asterisk T when I couldn’t see Chicago too Kanye West speaks on Tor Lanz watch all y’all and asterisk asterisk asterisk is on Instagram got some s asterisk asterisk T to say Kanye West continued yal and asterisk asterisk asterisk as saw that s asterisk asterisk

T don’t tell me about my f asterisk asterisk asterisk in political opinion I made more money to show you that money ain’t nothing it’s our money and asterisk asterisk asterisk a it’s our country and asterisk asteris GIS gay it’s how they stole it from us of course

It’s unclear from this rant when when Y and Tori actually linked up to pray over the phone since it was over the phone though we’d safely bet that this was once the ladder was in prison meanwhile the Chicago rappers rant also targeted Nicki Minaj for not clearing the song

New body for this upcoming project considering his past Antics this seems like another Line in the Sand moment where he might not drop vultures anymore we still haven’t decided whether that’s a good or bad thing for more news and the latest updates on Kanye West and Tor Lanz

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