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WWE’s Liv Morgan Arrested On Possession Charges


Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos thank you for watching Liv Morgan a high-profile wrestler in the WWE has been arrested on a marijuana possession charge in Florida Morgan was initially pulled over by the suer county sheriff’s department after being spotted driving haphazardly after being pulled over Morgan’s vehicle was searched after a

Deputy said he smelled marijuana deputies confiscated less than 20 G of marijuana along with a vape pen believed to contain cannabis soil Morgan was later released on a $3,000 Bond Morgan has wrestled for various WWE promotions since 2015 she is a former Smackdown women’s champion and two-time women’s tag team

Champion she is currently part of the raw brand after being selected by the promotion in the 2023 WWE draft Morgan has also recently broken into acting she had a small role in the Uma Thurman Samuel L Jackson comedy the kill room earlier this year she also appeared in a

Small role on an episode of Chucky the promotion is yet to issue a statement about her arrest Hulk Hogan’s son arrested in Florida however Morgan isn’t the only wrestler or wrestler adjacent individual to feel the wrath of the Florida police this year in November Hulk Hogan’s son was arrested for a

DUI police in Clearwater detained Nick Hogan for driving under the influence and refusing a sobriety test tracing the 33-year-old’s movements his social media activity appears to indicate that he had attended a bikini contest at his father’s restaurant in the hours before the arrest however the location of his

Arrest is notable in 2007 a then 17-year-old Nick was involved in a serious car crash in the area Nick pled no contest to reckless driving involving serious bodily harm and would serve 8 months in prison furthermore while was mostly fine the same couldn’t be said for his passenger John Graziano who was

A serving US Marine at the time was left with significant brain trauma his family sued and later settled out of court with the Hogan

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  1. @talibholmes says

    Liv morgan did not have no drugs in the car rhea ripley set this up to get revenge on liv morgan on Monday night raw

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