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Kanye West’s New YZY Pod Receives Erykah Badu Co Sign


Kanye West is gearing up to drop a new album with taala sign called vultures overall the album has been delayed numerous times at this point however there is a sense that it could be coming out as soon as January 12th unfortunately there is no telling whether or not this actually goes down as

Promised the album has been delayed a few times at this point which is something we see a lot with ye regardless his remaining supporters stay hopeful yesterday Kanye West launched his brand new sneaker the YZ y pod overall this is a sock-like shoe that is meant to be a new Staple in one’s

Wardrobe the new shoe is $200 and only comes in three sizes ultimately it is one of those shoes that is going to leave people divided however there are actually a ton of people out there who are still very much into these one person who likes this shoe is the legendary Erica Badu

Who commented a fire emoji on Kanye West’s post Kanye West is feeling the love ye saw this and decided to repost the showing of Love considering the things that ye has gotten up to as of late it is easy to see how not every artist is willing to give him the time

Of day sure some have stuck by him however there are plenty of others who do not appreciate his Antics with that said any sort of display of Love is going to get him excited not to mention these kinds of cos signs can end up going a long way

When it comes to selling more shoes only time will tell whether or not the wizy Y pod is a success we imagine more colorways will be released in the following months should this new offering do well let us know what you think of the shoe in the comments section below

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