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B G Rat Chain Proves His Disdain For Snitches


For those locked up in prison coming back home after serving a sentence can feel even better than Christmas Day Cash Money artist BG has been living his best life following his 11 years in prison for firearm possession and conspiracy to obstruct Justice The Wack 100 was Raising eyebrows earlier this week with

Allegations of snitching at first I was feeling some type of way BG shared in an interview after hearing the allegations but you know the N asterisk asterisk asterisk as who opinion matters reached out to me because I’ve been paying attention to this internet and this internet a fool this s asteris GIS

Ta Beast you heard me after that conversation the embattled artist had more to say while streaming on Instagram on Thursday December 29th BG markedly showed off his new chain which showcases a rat resting peacefully in a coffin this my new little ice that I had to pull out snitch’s lives don’t matter he

Said to those tuning in you want to have this open casket that’s the rat in the casket casket closed BG continues to deny snitching allegations as hip hop DX notes BG was also previewing even more new music in the background of his stream after spending over a decade

Behind Bars it’s no surprise that the 43-year-old has so much to say when he hops in the booth his most recent solo effort is get back which landed in November before that we heard BG on Yan’s freestyle with sexy red and Kevin Gates as well as the New Orleans remix

Of mayos for my city BG has been staying seriously booked and busy since his return home from prison earlier in 2023 one of his most recent musical releases comes in the form of a Gucci M collaborative album which also boasts a rare feature from sea murder on Project

Baby check that out at the link below

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