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Keith Lee Accuses DJ Envy Of Calling Him Ghetto On The Breakfast Club


During his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club Keith Lee got into a bit of a back and forth with DJ eny eny claimed that the viral food critic reviews food the hood way when the father of two fired back he accused the host of calling his reviews ghetto which

Envy quickly denied I wouldn’t say the hoodway I just eat food Lee argued Envy then asked him how service in NYC differs from that of other regions which Lee said is all in the culture culture is different the people are different he explained when I walked in you asked me

Or you said that I’m a ghetto food critic so it’s like that alone embodies what New York is New York is cold they play with you a lot DJ NB says Keith Lee reviews food the hoodway I didn’t say ghetto I said Hood Envy interjected prompting Le to say it’s the same thing

The Tik Tok personality went on claiming that he doesn’t like when small restaurants are given the same energy that Andy gave him but he himself doesn’t mind it because he has thick skin Envy eventually elaborated on his comments stating that while he’s from the hood he doesn’t consider himself

Ghetto Charlamagne that God disagreed calling him so ghetto both Charlemagne and Lee then took aim at his outfit arguing that wearing a wife beater when it’s cold and rainy is pretty ghetto the former MMA star made it clear that he didn’t appreciate being pigeonholed by DJ Envy countless social media users are

Weighing in on the debate praising Lee for the polite way he handled the correction others think he misunderstood what Envy said and came back a bit too hard what do you think of Keith Lee and DJ NB going back and forth during a recent episode of The Breakfast Club do

You think the food critic’s response to eny’s comment was warranted share your thoughts in the comments

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