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Ice Spice Might Drop Debut Album In 2024, Her Producer RiotUSA States


Ice spice and her producer Riot USA had an absolutely killer 2023 with the rapper arguably being the genre’s biggest breakout star of the Year moreover it’s only natural for us to expect that next year will only bring us better things when it comes to this duo with plenty of hits already under their

Belts there’s a lot of pressure for them to perform bring some real heat and impress in a big way in 2024 during a recent interview with billboard Riot detailed some parts their process together as collaborators and also hinted at what they’re working hard on for the next step in their careers

It’s a fun time because she really be saying how she feels in that moment he remarked of ice spice who’s been making music with him since 2021 after they met at Sunni purchase from picking out vibes or punching in lyrics on the spot fans should know I produce and record too so

Look out for my music also look out for new Classics with ice in 2024 we’re working on her debut album as we speak ice spice performing at iHeart Powerhouse 105.1 furthermore this is pretty much all we know about the Bronx MC’s full length debut but it’s just enough to get

Our hopes up we never really expected her not to capitalize on her incredible Fame and success but Gap years come in very surprising ways so you never know when someone wants to take a break and really sit on their next move this is also quite exciting because ice spice

Recently switched labels and hopefully that ends up being a big win for her in retrospect with that in mind all we can hope for is that they come through with another update sooner rather than later meanwhile the 23-year-old knows exactly how good she is and she’s not shy about

Gassing herself up one of her funniest recent social media posts was revealing that she was her most listened to artist of 2023 on Spotify hopefully that means the deli hitmaker is listening to her own material a lot to think about what she’ll improve on her debut album for

More news and the latest updates on Ice spice and Riot USA stay post

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